Free Standing Water Cooler

The Free Standing cooler is ideal for your office, providing your employees with ice cold and boiling water in an instant, and also includes a built in fridge.

The Free Standing Office Water Cooler provides users with Instant Chilled Filtrated water at temperatures as cool as 4°C, as well as instant boiling water on tap. The free standing model also contains a Fridge where you can store both food and drinks. The bottleless water cooler can be easily installed in your office or workplace in an afternoon.

Our Digital Free Standing Water Cooler / Dispenser is unique in many ways

  • It is connected to your water mains providing unlimited purified chilled drinking water
  • Because of its digital features it provides purified hot water served at the correct temperature as required
  • It also hosts a built in fridge providing adequate space for staff sandwiches, milk, etc
  • No large heavy bottles taking up space around the office
  • Cooled water for your office this summer
  • Reduces administration by 90%
  • It can be positioned anywhere in your office, hence increasing all over staff productivity
  • It alleviates the hassle of remembering to order more bottles of water


Freestanding unit measures 36″ high by 13” x 13” (92cm high x 34cm x 34cmwide)   For more information about Cool Its Freestanding Water Collers, why not view our water cooler demonstration video, or if you would like to contact one of our team you can do so by phoning:

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